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100% networking !
EXECOM is a member of the BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. We have been a member of the group since 2006, near CDG airport (Buzzness ’95 Goussainville) and a member since 2014 in the BNI Prestige chapter in Saint-Maur (94) | 3 janvier 2011 |
Execom, member of FEEF
EXECOM is a member of the Federation of French Entreprises and Entrepreneurs (FEEF)and is a participating member of the Committee for the Private Label Manufacturers.
The FEEF which was founded in 1995 has over 600 members including indepdendant enterprises and suppliers of the French retail industry. The Federation’s mission is to unite, represent, and promote the members among the retail industry, with opinion leaders, and with political decisionmakers.
| 3 janvier 2011 |
A new client in close proximity to CDG airport.
Ultranet, cleaning and multi-service company is situated in proximity to the international airport for the Paris region. They called on Execom to clean-up their image. A new logo, new pictograms, a new brochure. . . we call it a clean sweep ! | 30 décembre 2010 |
The Squares of peace – Arromanches-les-Bains
The Association Grand Ecart, in the framework of the Festival de la pluie 2014 will do what has never before been done.
In tribute to the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Landing, since the month of March 2014 hundreds of people have knitted the squares of peace in wool.

In honor of the 21,000 soldiers and citizens that died on the 6th of June 1944, an enormous blanket of 21,000 wool squares will cover the 449.
This loading platform is at the center of the Arromanches beach ; it is enormous!
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| 25 septembre 2014 |
So easy to exhibit here in France
Let Execom help you for your next stand…
• negotiate with the exhibitor organization
• design your stand (panels / semi equipped…)
• translate, design and make your flyers / ads printed
• send invitations to your contacts, prospects
• make appointments for your business
• deal with the catering,
• organize a private event,
• assist you during the show,
• store your materials for next exhibitions…
| 23 février 2013 |
During our last visit to Cologne, in Germany…
When we visited the ANUGA Show to see our client, Richard Wilbur, was booked solid for the five consecutive days and the product orders came in. | 19 octobre 2011 |
EXECOM presents its new graphic identity in 2011.
Opening the new year with a new logo and a new slogan Mobile Creativity evoking the mobile-internet realm, the principal strength of EXECOM.
For communications and marketing solutions that are fresh, result-driven, cost-effective for the web, print, or media look to EXECOM.
| 3 janvier 2011 |
Bitrex and the Systeme U stores are committed to protecting children
Building consumer awareness for this substance discovered by the Laboratory Macfarlan Smith and educating the public on the benefits of Bitrex, we devised a website animation that allows consumers to visualize the protected product selection of this popular retailer. By clicking on any room of the featured house, internet users can discover the available variety of cleaning products with the added safety ingredient, Bitrex. Consumers can take a quiz to test their knowledge on the subject of household safety. The animated house went online in coordination with Back to School for the French schoolchildren : the national treasure. | 30 décembre 2010 |
Le Festival de la Pluie®... under the sunny skies of Normandy... obviously :)
We thought of everything : Umbrellas were opened wide, everyone had an official poncho suited for the rain of Normandy, the preview was held in an open-air hangar in case of... and the sun was out in full glory to the surprise of all the naysayers !!! The feverish crowd of artists, works carefully hung, the invited guests with dazed looks, the oysters freshly served, the President’s eloquent speech, filming, aerial photos, at Execom we agree that the first edition set a precedent for open-air grand format exhibitions ! And next year we will order up some rain for the occasion... | 30 décembre 2010 |
Artistic events... or the art of communication with a new interpretation.
You just created a sister company, you are launching a new product, you expand your business internationally, your company celebrates an anniversary... Invite the clients to celebrate the moment in a new and surprising way. Use art to promote your values and inspire your guests, assemble your partners in an original way and create an unforgettable occasion.
Execom works in collaboration with numerous contemporary artists who understand the demands of businesses and artwork suited for just such events.

A few unexpected surprises :
- The 20th anniversary of Qualitair & Sea and La Fiduciaire Parisienne (refer to the link «create an event»).
- Bitrex and the Cow Parade : Organisation of a Press Conference in order to launch a campaign of accident prévention in Europe. At the Cow Parade of 2006, the first of its kind, the focus was on household safety and children at the Hospital Necker in Paris did the decorating of the cow along with the artist. The cow went on exhibition in Barcelona.
- Daumesnil Gestion : Art exhibit of the artist Nghiemphu, creation and publication of a book of the featured works. Organization and management of the exhibit as well as the creation of the invitations.
| 30 décembre 2010 |
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