our partners
We have worked for many years with the following pros who have demonstrated creative talent, technical skills, reactivity, and much more.
Christine Debeurme | Fredéric Arnaud | Carbone | Cybmedia | La galerie Arromanches | IPAD | Manexpert | Unik Production… In the words of the movie stars : please forgive us if we failed to mention any of you.
BNI Buzzness 95 All the members of the business network BNI Buzzness 95, those who rise early (at least one day a week) to exchange contacts, in a good mood, just minutes from the Roissy airport!
BNI Prestige All BNI Prestige chapter who share their business and good mood every thursday morning in Saint-Maur
BNI Fourmis We are also proud to be a part of numerous business networks but also to say that we work closely with major organizations
FEEF | Club Small Business | CCI Ile de France
Meet’in France We thank all our « Meet’in France » partners
Strategies Action International | American Woman in France
Agence Execom 112 av de Paris, cs 60002, 94306 Vincennes cedex